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Dear Colleague

Firstly, thank you for your continued commitment and dedication to supporting our residents and families through this unprecedented time. We are sincerely grateful for your ongoing support.

The uncertainty and intense media scrutiny of the situation, in addition to the vast amounts of speculation and conjecture, can significantly add to our own anxiety about this unprecedented situation.

As frontline workers in the healthcare system, we have the advantages of being able to understand the risk, interpret the data correctly, and utilise our training in hygiene practices and the correct use of PPE to prevent infection spreading to ourselves and those around us.

We are also extremely privileged to have the expertise of our superb Senior Clinical Team, who are working tirelessly to interpret and communicate the ever-changing news about how the virus is behaving in our community to keep you and our residents safe. They have worked tirelessly to ensure that you are fully sighted and kept informed of any new developments in our response to COVID-19.

Supporting the health and wellbeing of you and all our local nursing home teams continues to be at the very centre of our collective efforts and attention. Over the past three weeks, we have shared with you a number of Wellbeing Matters communications to help advise on simple and doable actions to fit into your days, to help protect your overall health and wellbeing. We hope you are finding comfort in these weekly guides. We will continue to stand alongside you and all our frontline colleagues and do everything in our power to support you.

We have witnessed some fantastic examples of local businesses and community members reaching out directly to homes, offering support and gifts of appreciation. It is truly inspiring to see community spirit become so strong when we need it most.

Looking after our teams right across the group remains a top priority, and that includes you. Please keep supporting each other. There is an incredible wealth of experience, expertise and humanity in our professional community, and together we are making a difference.

Thank you most sincerely
Mowlam Healthcare