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Mowlam Healthcare Pledges to Achieve Carbon Neutrality, Leading the Way Towards a Sustainable Future

Mowlam Healthcare, renowned for its dedication to providing exceptional elder care, is now setting a new standard by embarking on a journey towards carbon neutrality. Recognising the urgent need to address the impact of carbon emissions on our climate, Mowlam Healthcare is committed to leading the charge in creating sustainable, energy-efficient homes that will benefit present and future generations. With a [...]

Mowlam Healthcare Pioneers Diversity and Cultural Awareness Workshops to Foster Inclusivity Among Employees

Mowlam Healthcare is taking proactive steps towards building an inclusive and diverse workplace environment with the launch of their new Diversity and Cultural Awareness Training workshops through the Mowlam Academy. Recognising the growing population and workforce, Mowlam Healthcare acknowledges the importance of embracing diversity, inclusion, and cultural sensitivity in their interactions with both employees and residents under their care. The workshops [...]

Now is the time for a cohesive, age friendly healthcare system

We need an integrated health system that takes our ageing population into account, says Dr PJ Harnett Ireland is not alone in having a fragmented healthcare system, reflecting the piecemeal evolution of such systems over the decades. But, like other countries, it is now endeavouring to integrate all aspects of its health and care services, so that patients can enjoy [...]

Dr. Harnett joins Mowlam Healthcare as the Head of Integrated Care

Mowlam Healthcare is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. PJ Harnett as the newest addition to our management team. Dr. Harnett joins us as the Head of Integrated Care, bringing with him a wealth of experience and expertise in healthcare management. Dr. Harnett has worked in healthcare for four decades. With a wealth of experience, he has spearheaded the development [...]

Mowlam Healthcare boss has ambitious plans to open more homes

Michele McCormack is bedding down plans to open more homes for an ageing population. When a fire broke out at Wexford General Hospital this month, Michele McCormack, chief executive of the nursing home operator Mowlam Healthcare, sprang into action. Mowlam had a new home ready to open in Tramore, Co Waterford, so McCormack offered the premises to the HSE. -- Read [...]

The Future Health Summit 2023 – speaking on the healthcare challenges presented by our aging population

This year Michele McCormack, CEO Mowlam Healthcare, will join some of the brightest minds in the Irish and international healthcare industry to discuss some of the most pressing issues facing healthcare systems around the world at Future Health Summit. Joining Michele McCormack, chief executive of Mowlam Healthcare Services will be Fergal Malone, professor and chair of the Department of Obstetrics and [...]

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