We are Ireland’s leading provider of Memory Care

With a growing number of specialist Memory Care Centres throughout Ireland we provide enriched and fulfilling Centres of Excellence for people living with dementia, Alzheimer’s and other cognitive impairments, and their families.

Our inspired Memory Care programme has been designed to help residents with dementia build and maintain cognitive ability, and experience happiness, dignity and satisfaction in their lives.

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Promoting an optimal quality of life

Making the choice to move a family member or loved one into a dementia care centre will never be a simple one for your loved one living with dementia or for your family. The Mowlam Memory Care team recognises this, and our core purpose is to ensure that our residents with dementia are able to experience dignity and contentment in their lives.

The Mowlam Memory Care Model is built around providing highly specialised, exceptional care for our residents with Alzheimer’s, dementia and other cognitive impairments – going further than a general nursing home care model. We do this in our dedicated Memory Care Centres of Excellence through highly personalised tools like our Life Story Book, reminiscence therapy and the integration of medical, behavioural and social support at a community level – emphasising the care of the whole person, not just their dementia.

Caring In Partnership

Our staff understand the importance of honouring our residents and the challenges that they and their family members face on this journey, by keeping the residents and their families’ at the heart of the care planning and decision-making process.

The hallmark of the care we provide is that we view our care as a partnership between us, our residents and their families. We believe that, to the degree that it is possible, our residents’ initiative and abilities should be the primary drivers in how they live their lives in our Memory Care Centres.

Recognising the resident for who they are and where they have been, throughout the course of their lives, is the only way to provide them with joyful, engaging and purposeful lives with us.

memory care, dementia, alzheimer's, cognitive, impairment, old age, elderly care, specialist dementia care, leaders, Mowlam, Mowlam healthcare, Joe Hanrahan

Memory Care Innovators

We continually invest in care innovation, dementia-friendly environmental design and state-of-the-art healthcare technology to improve and enhance the quality of life of our Memory Care Centre residents. Research-led Tovertafel ‘Magic Table’ technology has been installed in Adare & District Memory Care Centre, Co Limerick, for the benefit of residents living with dementia.

The Dutch innovation consists of a series of interactive table-top light games projected from the ceiling, specially designed to help residents with complex dementia needs to experience the three main outcomes of play: relaxation, sensation and reminiscence and to be more active socially, cognitively and physically.

Thee interactive light projection ‘Magic Table’ games are designed in an energising way – the attention-grabbing light invites residents to play, all the while stimulating movement in activities such as popping bubbles, sweeping leaves or interacting with fish.

We empower our residents to do what they might not otherwise be able to do on their own.

By providing them with high-quality clinical care, emotional support, and a sense of community, we offer them a place of peace and comfort, and a place with opportunities for engagement and connection.

We help our residents feel respected, valued and wanted, as well as safe and secure. This is what we keep in our minds and our hearts every day as we work together to maintain a centre of excellence dedicated to providing a place for our residents with dementia to live fully.

This is how we make our Mowlam Memory Care Centres a home.


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