Family Visits

12/23 Visiting is in accordance with the most recent guidelines by HPSC (Health Prevention Surveillance Centre).

Family Visits

As of Monday, June 15th, family visits to our residents will reopen in a phased approach in some of our homes, underpinned by public health infection control advice and guidance from HSE.

The overarching aim of our visiting protocol is to facilitate all visits to the home in a carefully organised, managed and supported way that ensures the safety of our residents, their visitors, and the nursing home team.

We operate an open visiting policy and residents are free to see visitors either privately in their rooms or in any of our communal areas while maintaining privacy for visits. We encourage relatives and friends to visit the resident as though the resident were in their own home. To protect our residents, please enter by using the doorbell at the front door. If visitors are unfamiliar with the centre, they can ask any member of staff for assistance at any time. Visitors are welcome to visit residents at any time preferred by the resident. It is the residents’ choice whom they wish to have visit them. We do ask that the residents’ bedtime and residents’ mealtimes be respected. Visitors are not permitted into the dining area at mealtimes. Should you visit during mealtimes, we may ask that you wait in the reception area to allow the resident to finish their meal at their own pace. Should the resident wish to have visitors, or assistance from loved ones, during mealtimes, this shall be facilitated in the privacy of the residents’ own room, or another suitable area. Please discuss this with the nurse in charge.

We would also like to ask all visitors to partake in precautionary infection control measures, and all visitors are asked to practice good hand hygiene on entering and leaving the centre by using the hand sanitisers provided. We do ask all visitors to sign a visitor’s book on entry and exit of the centre, as part of our safety management policy.

The centre reserves the right to impose restrictions on visiting arrangements where the visit or time of visit is deemed to pose a risk or if the visitor is suffering from an infectious illness deemed to pose a risk to residents, or where the residents themselves requests restrictions.

Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Visiting may be restricted under special circumstances:

  • To protect the safety and security of the residents and their environment
  • At the request of the resident
  • At the request of the relatives if the resident is unable to make the decision
  • When it is in the best interests of quality resident care e.g. Noro virus etc.

Families/visitors and residents are invited to avail of hot and cold drinks.