Family Visits

02/22 Visitors to nursing homes are encouraged to continue wearing facemasks, underpinned by public health infection control advice and guidance from Nursing Homes Ireland and the HSE.

Family Visits

As of Monday, June 15th, family visits to our residents will reopen in a phased approach in some of our homes, underpinned by public health infection control advice and guidance from HSE.

The overarching aim of our visiting protocol is to facilitate all visits to the home in a carefully organised, managed and supported way that ensures the safety of our residents, their visitors, and the nursing home team. After two years of restrictions we want to ensure your visit with your loved one is a special and safe experience for everyone.

The welfare of our residents is our priority at all times.

This is and continues to be an evolving situation that is being monitored daily, and management are in continuous consultations with residents and their representatives. We ask for patience and understanding as we manage any measures we need to put in place in the best interests of residents and staff.

Visiting Protocol For Family & Friends

  • The wearing of a facemask is an important measure to limit transmission of the virus from the community into our nursing homes and achieve a vital role in protecting residents and staff. We encourage the wearing of surgical facemasks, where possible. Visitors are already required, under the public health guidance, to wear a surgical mask when in a communal indoor space during their visit to the nursing home.
  • Visitors will be welcomed to the home by a member of the care team
  • Visitors names will be recorded
  • Visitors will be guided in performing hand hygiene on arrival
  • Visitors should declare that they have no symptoms and undergo a temperature check before being permitted to enter the home
  • Visitors with fever or respiratory symptoms will not be admitted
  • Occasional visitors are asked to self-test for COVID-19 before their visit even if they have no symptoms
  • Regular visitors as asked to consider self-testing for COVID-19 twice weekly even when they have no symptoms
  • The resident’s right to decline a visitor shall be respected

All these measures are in alignment with national guidance on infection prevention and control, current and future guidance and recommendations with regard to social distancing and other public health measures, and in addition, current and future guidance specific to our nursing homes.

During an ongoing outbreak of COVID-19 within a home, family and friends will be advised that all but essential visiting (for example end of life) is suspended in the interest of protecting residents, visitors and staff at this time.

Updated February 2022