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Our Directors of Nursing are carefully selected and set the benchmark for top quality care. Every member of the Mowlam team is a consummate professional.

We have an exceptional team delivering exceptional care and service.

Welcome to the world of Mowlam Healthcare. Advancing healthcare for the elderly in Ireland is our passion.

Our stringent recruitment process means we only employ team members who have the required skills and experience, and a passion for delivering exceptional service and for upholding our philosophy of care.

When a new member joins our team of Healthcare Managers and Directors of Nursing, we have a process in place to help them quickly get to grips with how we do things at Mowlam Healthcare. Our induction process covers all the practical day-to-day aspects of the job and outlines the high level of care and customer service we expect to maintain our happy and harmonious nursing homes.

To provide consistently excellent level of care, we invest in regular training and personal development for our valued team. That means our team is always up to date with the latest thinking and technology on care for the elderly.

Mowlam Healthcare team members are motivated, managed, recognised and rewarded for excellence. We actively promote a culture of excellence, teamwork and pride in our work.

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The role of a Director of Nursing entails:

Quality of Care Responsibilities

To ensure the delivery of the highest standards of nursing and social care which meet the individual needs of each resident through implementation of:

  • The Company’s Quality of Care System.
  • Clinical practice in the home meets Regulations & Standards.
  • Monitoring of clinical practice through individualised plans of care for each resident.
  • Conducting internal audits and following up on results of same.
  • Initial induction of staff and ongoing training and development of staff.
  • Encouragement of innovative practice.
  • Ensuring implementation and adherence to Company and HIQA standards, procedures and guidelines.

Financial Administration Responsibilities

  • Maintenance of administrative procedures in the absence of the Administrator.
  • Monitoring of administrative procedures.
  • Knowledge of resident’s fee income, funding source, fee arrears, personal allowance, financial records.
  • Management of the Community Unit’s budget.
  • Understand legislative requirements regarding the financial affairs of mentally impaired people.

General Management

  • Conducting regular communication meetings with all clinical staff.
  • Establish a good rapport with external community agencies bringing the local community into the Home and facilitating residents to attend functions/activities within the local community.
  • Liaise with Marketing to maximise opportunities to ensure the Home has a high profile in the local community.
  • Monitor all complaints ensuring that each is documented to include the investigation and outcome.


  • Implement Company Health and Safety Policy to safeguard the safety and welfare of staff, residents, and others.
  • Implement regular fire training and evacuation plans.
  • Ensure catering meets HACCP standards and is to the highest quality & variety.
  • Ensure the hygiene and cleanliness of the home is to the highest standard.
  • Ensure a preventative maintenance programme is in place and implemented.

Human Resources Function

  • Participate in the selection and interviewing of staff.
  • Conduct regular training needs analysis.
  • Ensure HR practices within the Home comply with all current employment legislation.
  • Ensure all registered nurses employed in the Home are on the “live” NMBI Register.

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