Mowlam Healthcare is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. PJ Harnett as the newest addition to our management team. Dr. Harnett joins us as the Head of Integrated Care, bringing with him
a wealth of experience and expertise in healthcare management.

Dr. Harnett has worked in healthcare for four decades. With a wealth of experience, he has spearheaded the development of the Integrated Care Programme for Older Persons in Ireland, marking a significant contribution to the field and continues his work in reforming older person care with Mowlam Healthcare. His multifaceted background includes roles as a clinician, academic, and senior managerial figure, fostering service improvement and development on both local and national scales.

Beginning his journey as a Mental Health Nurse, Dr. Harnett holds distinguished qualifications, including a Masters in Nursing, a Masters in Healthcare Management, and a PhD focusing on health system change and the implementation of integrated care. As an Adjunct Associate Professor at Trinity College Dublin and a Senior Associate with the International Foundation for Integrated Care, Dr. Harnett continues to shape the landscape of healthcare through his expertise and dedication.

“I am really excited by the vision and ambition for Mowlam Healthcare to play a significant part in that, furthering the integration of care for older people across the continuum of care. I look forward to deepening existing collaborations and developing new collaborative partnerships as part of the Mowlam Healthcare Team.”