Killarney Nursing Home, which is part of Mowlam Healthcare, held a party for its staff, residents and family in recognition of the milestone – 10 years of enhancing the quality of life of residents from the Killarney community and surrounding areas.

During the special celebration, a number of home team members were awarded 10year Service Awards, and four residents were awarded special 10year residency gifts. Joe Hanrahan of Mowlam Healthcare also presented Sr Mary Lyons with a gift in acknowledgement of her commitment to the pastoral care of residents over the ten years, to which she replied, “It’s my privilege, they’re all my friends.”

Mayor Michael Gleeson was a special guest at the ceremony and spoke about the happiness evident on the smiling faces of his neighbours and friends who are the residents in Killarney Nursing Home. “I’m delighted that the people I meet here on my regular visits always say to me that they’re so well looked after, so well cared for and that you feel RESPECTED. Our supreme entitlement in life is to be respected.” 

Danny and Michael Healy-Rae travelled from Dublin to support Killarney Nursing Home staff and residents for the joyous occasion. Michael said: “A very kind word was said to me by a person who works here earlier, that they don’t look on people living here as patients or customers, what you are is family. Danny and I are delighted to be here to recognise the home staff that are here 24hours a day. You are the real heroes of Killarney Nursing Home.”

Following the Awards Ceremony, residents, family, friends and home staff enjoyed a lovely afternoon of music, song and homemade treats by kitchen staff members.

Mowlam Healthcare Head of Business Development Joe Hanrahan said:

“Today’s party was the perfect way to celebrate our home’s tenth anniversary, and I would like to thank everyone for attending in such numbers. We are immensely proud of our team, led by Lorraine Sheehan and Maeve Poff and are committed to the future of caring for the Killarney community and surrounding areas with compassion, dignity and respect. Our heartfelt thanks to the local general practitioners for their continued support, since opening our doors in 2009. Sincerest thanks also to Michael and Danny Healy Rae for being with us today, in support of our valued residents and staff members. Everyone really enjoyed it.”

Executive Chairman of Mowlam Healthcare Pat Shanahan said:

“We are delighted to celebrate ten years of caring in Killarney Nursing Home. I would like to sincerely thank all the dedicated staff in Killarney Nursing Home for their hard work, commitment and enthusiasm to provide excellent nursing care to the Kerry community.”

Director of Nursing Maeve Poff said:

“I am so proud to be part of the team at Killarney Nursing Home. This home-from-home is a caring, bright and welcoming facility staffed by a highly trained and compassionate team of people. Our residents and staff enjoyed a beautiful and uplifting day”.

General Services Manager at Killarney Nursing Home Lorraine Sheehan said:

“We have a dedicated, highly skilled and committed team here at Killarney Nursing Home. We place a strong emphasis on daily activities and interactions between our team and our residents, giving a wonderful sense of community.”

Lorraine Sheehan, General Services Manager, Killarney Nursing Home

Lorraine Sheehan
General Services Manager

Ph: 064 663 2678

Killarney Nursing Home is a 56-bed purpose-built nursing home, managed by Mowlam Healthcare, The largest and one of the most respected providers of private nursing home care in Ireland. The nursing home has established an excellent reputation for residential care for older people within the community it serves. Long term residents make Killarney their new home-from-home. Killarney Nursing Home offers best-practice medical, nursing, rehabilitation and therapeutic services in a nurturing, safe and homely environment.

Some of our residents are with us for short-term respite care after acute medical care in a hospital, where they are ready to be discharged but are not quite well enough to manage at home on their own yet. Killarney Nursing Home offers skilled, individualised rehabilitation care, nursing and associated therapies.

Mowlam Healthcare has devoted 20 years to refining our person-centred approach to care and building the most compassionate and skilled teams of healthcare professionals.