We have created this space of gratitude for our nursing home teams – and you can play your part. Send a special note of support to our caring and compassionate team members on the frontline of caring for our older residents.

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On the frontline of Ireland’s battle against coronavirus stand the incredible nursing home teams of Mowlam Healthcare. We are so proud and extremely grateful to our compassionate nurses and carers and every member of our support team at this time of crisis.

From our Head of Clinical Care, Healthcare Managers, Directors of Nursing, Nurses and Healthcare Assistants, to our Housekeeping, Facilities and Catering teams – our heroes show-up and step-up to care for our vulnerable residents and each-other each and every day.

Please take just a moment to send a THANK YOU, or a simple note of support and gratitude to all of the members of our Mowlam Healthcare team.

It’s simple:

  1. Fill out the form below
  2. Your messages will appear on this page (below) and will be shared across our social media channels.
  3. Click the social icons at the bottom of the page to share with your friends and loved ones and encourage them to share their support. Use #MowlamsHeroes.

Messages can be as long or short as you wish – whether you know someone caring for others or not – a simple thank you goes a long way.

Your messages of support and thanks will help bring peace and comfort during this stressful time. It’s always nice to know you’re appreciated.

All of us in Mowlam Healthcare want to make sure all the amazing people in this wonderful organisation know exactly how much they mean to us, residents’ families and their communities.

Let us come together and get through this.

Messages of Gratitude & Support

    Scroll left and right to read the many messages of gratitude already received. Our sincerest thanks for supporting our frontline teams.
    Updated April 20, 2020

    sue shortt, director of care services, mowlam healthcare

    “We cherish all our frontline team members who dedicate themselves to the care or our vulnerable residents, heedless of their own health as they work for others in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. They share the same fears, uncertainties and anxieties that all of us do. They have children at home to care for, vulnerable parents and relatives to consider, underlying health conditions to protect. But through it all, they put the safety and wellbeing of our residents in front of their own, working round the clock for those under their care. It’s time to say thanks.”

    Sue Shortt,
    Head of Clinical Care, Mowlam Healthcare