Mowlam Healthcare welcomes all comments, complaints and compliments.

Informal Complaint
Speak informally to any member of staff and outline your concerns. Should your concerns not be resolved to your satisfaction speak with the Person in Charge or Director of Nursing.

Formal Complaint
If a person wishes to make a formal complaint they can do so verbally or in writing to the Person in Charge or Director of Nursing.

Executive Review:
If at this point the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation, the complainant can seek an Executive Review of the complaint within 30 working days from Mowlam Healthcare, Barrow House, Michael Street, Limerick.  Telephone No: 061 416099; Fax: 061 416106; email:

Independent Appeals Review:
If the complaint remains unresolved an Independent Appeals Review of the complaint can be sought. A mutually agreed expert from an expert panel consisting of experts in Gerontology, Nursing and the Legal Profession will be selected to conduct the review and findings will be issued within 3 months.