Mowlam Healthcare LLC has embarked on, and is succeeding in, developing a niche market for its operational consultancy service in the US, under the guidance of CEO, Mr Joe Hanrahan

Through ongoing research with new and existing contacts Mowlam has penetrated the elder healthcare consultancy market with its tried and trusted, forward-thinking, resident-centred approach.

‘The Mowlam Way’ has been received positively in the assisted living and skilled nursing facility sectors, primarily in the States of New Jersey, New York, Baltimore (MD) and Philadelphia.

Through aggressive marketing and direct presentations Mowlam has been able to foster and grow productive relationships with sector heavyweights in home health care, assisted living, religious groups, major financial houses, and healthcare consultants.

Our Operational Consultancy focuses on the resident and we bring a finely-tuned operating model which allows existing operators develop new controls and procedures to enable them continue the provision of high quality care, with profitability.

Joe Hanrahan, Mowlam Healthcare, US, operational consultancyMr Joe Hanrahan
CEO Mowlam Healthcare LLC

Mowlam LLC have been successful in bringing high quality people to its US consultancy team. These people are ensuring that the high standards for which Mowlam is renowned is maintained and with constant upskilling and education the team will develop a strong market presence, under the guidance of the CEO, Mr Joe Hanrahan.

“With the introduction of a Head of Medical Services, we are now generating a high level of interest in our model as the Medicaid and Medicare payment programme comes under continuous pressure. Our model allows facilities to operate under tighter financial restraints while at the same time keeping the resident at the centre of everything. We are seen to be a “breath of fresh air” to the sector.” said Joe Hanrahan

Mowlam LLC has also been successful under its consultancy agreement with Mowlam Healthcare Services in bringing Bayada Home Healthcare to Ireland where it is operating on a joint venture basis with Mowlam.

Mowlam LLC has also introduced a number of US Healthcare organisations to Mowlam Healthcare Services in Ireland to explore mutually beneficial opportunities. This has again cemented Mowlam LLC’S relationship with forward-thinking healthcare operators in the US.

Assisted Living operators in New Jersey, have agreed to work with Mowlam Healthcare LLC as they embark on the upgrade of their facility as well as working with Mowlam LLC on their operational policies and procedures.

Mowlam Healthcare LLC has also been retained by a New York based development company, to work in concert with them to design and construct an assisted living facility in Baltimore, MD. Mowlam will provide consultancy to the design team and ensure a modern facility is designed and built to cater for the ‘boomer’ market.

“We are bringing a new fresh approach to this emotive sector and are working towards become a market leader in the provision of operational consultancy to assisted living and skilled nursing facilities in the US.” said Joe Hanrahan, CEO Mowlam Healthcare LLC


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