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Specialist person-centred care for people living with dementia in Ireland.


Knowing that a loved one is receiving care, attention, stimulation, and support, in a secure community brings great peace of mind for families.

Individualised Person-Centred Care

Our Memory Care programme is built around understanding our residents, and all aspects of their lives. We focus on innovative memory care that celebrates individuality, reduces anxiety, and creates enjoyable days for residents living with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other forms of memory loss.

Knowing that memory loss affects every resident differently, our teams are trained to value each resident, and to recognise and understand their different preferences and needs, to provide personalised memory care that they respond to positively.

Filled with compassion and patience, our memory care team receives best-in-class training to better serve our residents. They are supported by a team of experienced and knowledgeable clinical leaders.

Individualised Care Plans

Understanding our residents’ needs

At the heart of our person-centred approach to memory care are the Mowlam individualised care plans.

Prior to moving in, each resident and their family meet with our specialist team to build this comprehensive and personalised programme of care and service, based on the resident’s interests, needs, and expressed wishes.

Our team uses the individualised care plan to accommodate a resident’s personal preferences, and to provide meaningful and consistent quality care and service.

Memory Care Decór

  • Interior designed to create environments that are is safe, welcoming and familiar.

  • Individually decorated bedroom doors to help with identifying ones own space

  • Personal touches in residents’ bedrooms to reflect personalities and preferences.

  • Specialist wayfinding dementia signage to support independent living

  • Dementia friendly gardens with multi-sensory planting and safe spaces to potter

Our Principles Of Service

Person-Centred Healthcare

We promote choice at all times and do everything we can to enable our residents to enjoy a full life

Health & Wellbeing

Living with Purpose

We are dedicated to involving residents with memory loss in daily activities that help them feel valued and provide them with a sense of purpose.

The care team assess individual interests and abilities, which can be matched with life skills and activities that tap into implicit and procedural memories.

Daily activities are specifically identified to nurture the spirit of residents by preserving life skills, which are familiar tasks that residents enjoyed doing in the past, that still bring them a sense of purpose in the present.

Our Memory Care team designs personalised programmes with multisensory experiences, exercise, outings, gardening, intergenerational activities, and visits with pets, depending on what benefits each individual.

Activities take place one-to-one with a carer, or in small groups with residents who have similar interests.

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